Katlyn kayaking 2 Katlyn kayaking



$21.00 per person tax included

$16.00per cooler tube tax included (new cooler tubes you can fit a few coolers in the tube)

Trip takes approximately 4 hours from drop-off to Point Bluff. It is at your leisure but you must be back to Point Bluff by 6PM.


From Tube drop-off   $35.00 per canoe/kayak tax included

If you bring your own canoe/kayak $20.00 per canoe/kayak

Castle Rock Dam drop-off $40.00 per canoe/kayak tax included (+$3.00 paid at the dam)

If you bring your own canoe/kayak $27.00 per canoe/kayak (+$3.00 paid at the dam)



Water shoes Cooler or dry bag (for towels, t-shirts, etc) I.D. Cash Credit card Sunscreen Cooler (for your lunch and beverages) Sunglasses


We suggest you arrive at least a half hour (one hour on weekends) prior to the shuttle time.    Tube shuttles run on the hour beginning at 9a.m. Mon. – Fri. and at 8a.m. on Sat. and Sun. from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The last shuttle leaves at 3 p.m., weather permitting.  Canoe shuttles run every hour on the ½ hour beginning at 9:30a.m. Mon – Fri. and 8:00a.m on Sat. and Sun. Last shuttle leaves at 3:30p.m., weather permitting.
We do not allow any glass on the river. All beverages must be in plastic bottles or cans. We do not allow you to bring any inflatables of your own.   


One person may fill out one release form for the entire group Every person 18 or older must sign the bottom of the release form (For large groups there is a sheet for additional signatures). The forms will be handed out by the parking attendant when one is on staff but the forms are also available at the window. Fill out and turn in your release form at the window when you pay. We also ask that you turn your keys into the sign up attendants** Upon receiving your keys we will give you a copy of the release form which will be used as your shuttle bus pass. Your keys will be hung on our numbered key board. That hook number will be written on your paid receipt Don’t forget to keep your release form receipt out to show the bus driver. The shuttles leave promptly, so don’t be late or you will have to wait until the next shuttle departs.
**Why do we keep your keys? We hang all keys on our keyboard. If we see keys hanging up we know that there are people out on the river. This is our way to keep tabs on who is still out and to make sure that we have everyone safely back at the end of the day. It also keeps your keys safe instead of on the bottom of the river! 
A $3 dam fee per canoe or kayak (cash only) must be paid to the dam keeper at Castle Rock Dam.
Castle Rock Resort/Bar is located 1/2 way between the tube launch and Point Bluff and accepts cash & credit cards (Bring an ID)
Changing rooms are located near the sign up area THE SHUTTLE BUS AND TUBE LAUNCH
Our launch site (Splash Landing) is just a few miles and a few minutes bus ride up the river.  Once there, our landing attendant will give you a short information and safety lecture. Life jackets and tubes are at the landing. You will put on your life jackets and then get your tubes. The tubes have quick release straps on them so that you may hook them together. There is another strap on your cooler tube so that you can attach it as well. A staff member will help you get situated in your tubes and assist you in launching.
Please listen carefully to the briefing as it will help make your trip more enjoyable and get your group out on the river and enjoying your trip faster.



TUBING: You now begin a leisurely float down the river back to Point Bluff. There are plenty  of sandbars to stop on along the way. Castle Rock will come into view about two thirds of the way through your trip.  You must leave Castle Rock Resort no later than 5PM  If you float straight down without stopping it takes approximately 4 hours for you to reach Point Bluff depending on wind and river conditions. If you stop along the way be sure arrive back to Point Bluff no later than 6p.m. so that you do not incur late fees.

CANOES AND KAYAKS: Present your release form copy to the driver. The bus leaves promptly so be ready to go. The bus ride takes you just a few miles up river and it only takes a few minutes to get there. Two of our routes originate upriver. If you launch from the Dam you must pay an additional $3 launch fee at the Dam. This is charged by the Dam Keeper not by Point Bluff and must be paid to him in cash. Our other upriver launch is from the same place from which the tubes launch. Our staff will assist you in launching your canoes. Regardless of what time you launch, you must be back to Point Bluff by 6 p.m. or you will incur late charges. Once you arrive, you may pull your canoe or kayak up on the shore next to the boat landing, then head to the sign up area to retrieve your keys. We gladly invite you to come into the restaurant and bar at Point Bluff, however, we do serve food so you must wear shoes and shirts when inside. You may eat or drink on the deck in your swim attire.


We do not take reservations for tubing. It is run on a first come first serve basis. It is best to plan to arrive early so that you can have a leisurely float.  We have hundreds of tubes, so we are able to get you on your way quickly. However, we can run out of tubes on Saturdays as it is our busiest day. No pets are allowed on the tubes. We do not allow you to bring any inflatables of your own. If anyone is discovered using their own inflatables they will be charged the full rate.
We do take reservations for canoes and kayaks. We have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel 48 hours ahead you will be charged the full rental price. We do allow dogs with you on the canoes and kayaks.
If you have your own canoe or kayak we can provide shuttle service to or from one of our scheduled sites. For shuttling your canoe or kayak we charge $20 per canoe/kayak for the trip starting at our tube launch and $27.00 per canoe/kayak from Castle Rock Dam (please note you also have a $3 fee for each canoe/kayak to pay at the dam). You may launch or land your private canoe or kayak at Point Bluff for a small fee. Note that we do not allow any inflatables to be launched or landed at Splash Landing.
Please note that we do not run canoe and kayak trips downriver from Point Bluff during weekends or holidays (during peak season) due to the extremely high boat traffic.
Keep your eyes open for the beautiful wildlife. There is plenty of it to see while floating down the river. We have deer, a variety of songbirds, herons, sandhill cranes, turtles, frogs and majestic bald eagles.
Please do not leave litter or trash anywhere on the river. Trash cans and recycle bins are available to you when you land on Point Bluff’s shoreline. Please respect our neighbors along the way. The river is their backyard.
Once you are on the river we do not provide refunds due to weather. As you know mother nature is unpredictable. Point Bluff staff has your safety as top priority. We will keep an eye on any weather concerns and will be patrolling the river with our jet ski throughout the day.